• Mastering

  • Audio mastering is one of the most critical parts of the audio production process, as well as the final step and the last chance to get your project sounding its best before manufacturing or digital distribution. From a light touch of magnificence to a substantial improvement on its sound quality and presentation, while keeping the coherence in levels between all the songs.

    It doesn’t matter the way you want to get your final master ( DDP or PMCD, DDPi, individual PCM or MP3/ACC/m4a files for iTunes or other digital distribution ), all are available here at Bit-Mastering. From an indie or major label, to musicians, DJs or bands which never had got their music mastered, our goal is to bring them the best quality for their music at a good bargain.

    Here at World Premiere EG we deeply trust in Avid Pro Tools as our main mastering DAW due to its high resolution sound engine and its routing possibilities to get the best results for your music project. We also use the best processing from the digital world. Brands as TC Electronics, Sonoris, Acustica Audio, Plugin Alliance, Nugen and Fabfilter are parts of our main utilities (plus more we have and can be used when needed).

  • Although World Premiere EG is still not recognized as an official MfiT mastering house, our masters are fully compliant with Apple's Mastered for iTunes specifications. Of course there is not extra cost for it.

  • Rates

    Amount of tracks Rates Availability
    1-10 50$ / track 24/48h
    11+ 50$ / track -10% discount on total 24/72h
  • + Info

    1) No duration limit.

    2) Unlimited revisions until de final master is done.

    3) No price tag difference between artist, indie labels or major labels, so you are getting the best service at the best price.

    I always give mix consultation and feedback totally for free to the paid mastering clients so they can bring their mixes as best as they could for the mastering process.

    Red Book CD or DDP if needed (recorded on checked error free Taiyo Yuden disc) will take a cost of 20$ plus shipping.

    Of course we do take care of all our actual and future clients, so to get the best deal get in contact explaining your project to us so we can study it and we will adjust the best deal for you.

    If you need more info about how to start working, how do you need to send your tracks or payment, please check the F.A.Q.