• Mixing

  • Mixing is as much an art form as it is a science. It requires an engineer with all the right skills, a great set of ears and experience. A good mix engineer needs to have the ability to hear what is there now and what it can become. It is about understanding the artist and the song, be able to transform a rough idea into an industry quality mix.
    After the creativity and recording process of your project ends, it is the time for it to be handled by a mixing professional. Here is where I take part, helping you to realize your vision of the song while still providing a fresh new perspective.
    What constitutes a great mix? It depends on what the song calls for, I just want to be able to get me client be inmerse into the 3D sphere a song can became and to feel every frequency plenty of fullness. 
    Poorly recorded mixes can be vastly improved, resolving from distortion and phase to timing and other problems. Even greatly recorded mixes from pro studios with the best musicians can be benefited from mixing. I will give your song the quality of the radio hits you have always been dreaming with.
    When you are hiring me you are paying for my ears, my experience and my ability to deliver a great mix. Everything else is secondary … is not where or what do you use to mix it, but who is doing it. Of course it will always be me and not an intern nor an assistant.
    I always master everything I mix and that service is included free of charge. Of course, you also get the unmastered 24bit mix in case you want to have it mastered elsewhere. Alternate versions such as an instrumental, acappella, radio or TV mix are also included free of charge so long as they are made after the main mix is done. If mastering is not needed or it’s going to be made outside of World Premiere EG should be great to communicate it to improve the workflow.