• DJs / Producers / Composers

  • As a DJ / producer / composer, you are probably the key figure in a music project. A song can go from unknown release to hit status if the production gives it the power to reach the right kind of emotions.

    I’m searching for producers/beatmakers/composers to partner for ongoing or one-off collaborations. People talented with open mind who just want to make money from making music, which is why we are here.

    What deal I'm offering you? :

    1) 20% discount for your personal music projects (not combinable with other promos or "In a budget" mix service).

    2) When you bring me a referral -> 15% of the project’s quote for you! 

    You know what it means? Good extra income for just recommending my services. Of course the more work you give me, the more I will recommend you to my other costumers. In the end, it means more money for both of us and, the most important part, making a living doing what we like best.

    * Commissions will be paid once the project is finished. Commissions depend on the artist release. E.g. some indie-label artists release mixtapes or unsigned work, so this will be rated as an independent release and not as an indie-label release. As always, for major-label releases it is best to contact me directly for a quote.