• Stem mastering

  • In Stem-mastering the individual audio tracks are grouped together to allow for independent control and signal processing of each stem and can be manipulated independently from each other. Even though this method is not commonly practiced it does have its proponents. 

    In audio production, a stem is a group of audio sources mixed together, usually by one person, to be dealt with downstream as one unit. A single stem may be delivered in mono, stereo. In music mastering for recordings and for live sound, stems are subgroups of similar sound sources. When a large project uses more than one person mixing, stems can facilitate the job of the final mastering engineer. Such stems may consist of all of the string instruments, a full orchestra, just background vocals, only the percussion instruments, a single drum set, or any other grouping that may ease the task of the final mastering.

  • Although World Premiere EG is still not recognized as an official MfiT mastering house, our masters are fully compliant with Apple's Mastered for iTunes specifications. Of course there is not extra cost for it.

  • Amount of tracks Rates Availability
    1-10 75$ / track Consult
    11+ 75$ / track -10% discount on total Consult
  • + Info

    1) Up to 6 stems, each additional stem will be an extra 15$.

    2) Unlimited revisions until de final master is done.

    3) No price tag difference between artist, indie labels or major labels, so you are getting the best service at the best price.

    I always give mix consultation and feedback totally for free to the paid mastering clients so they can bring their mixes as best as they could for the mastering process.

    Red Book CD or DDP if needed (recorded on checked error free Taiyo Yuden disc) will take a cost of 20$ plus shipping.

    Of course we do take care of all our actual and future clients, so to get the best deal get in contact explaining your project to us so we can study it and we will adjust the best deal for you.

    If you need more info about how to start working, how do you need to send your tracks or payment, please check the F.A.Q.