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    Hi, my name is Heraldo Jones, I’m a Sound Engineer. I have been working in the audio world for more than 15 years, recording, mixing and mastering all kinds of records, live music and audio restoration. Since I was a child I fell in love with the music world and soon decided that I wanted to spend my life working on it. I started my academic instruction and searched to put in practice everything I learned. I work with every musical genere, from acoustic ones as Country or Latin music to the most modern EDM or Hip Hop generes. Whatever is your musical style, I will be pleased to work with you.
    A year ago I started this new online adventure, where I have been offering my engineering services. It is going on very satisfying, in fact is the business I’m doing for a living!. But now I also want to start a didactic stage where I can help everyone to understand better the world of how to engineering music. It is a blog you can find here on the website. I will post tips & tricks about sound engineering (mixing, mastering, recording,etc) as well as reviews of new products (hardware & software) and interviews of producers, engineers and artists. It will be multi-language (as I speak both English and Spanish), you will get more info in a future podcast. It is going to be very fun :). Hope you want to join me in it.